How to Offer Your First Lead Magnet with ConvertKit

You know you need an email list and you know the best way to gain new subscribers is by offering a lead magnet… but how exactly you’re supposed to do that is a little fuzzy, right?

If you’re already using ConvertKit, then you have everything you need to start right now. And if you’re not, may I suggest starting your free trial today? It is hands-down my favorite email service provider for bloggers, authors, and other creative entrepreneurs who want to prioritize their email list.

Now that we have that settled, let's get started, shall we?

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Create Your Lead Magnet

This first step should be obvious; you need to create something before you give it away. But here are a few quick tips for great lead magnets:

1. It should be something that will provide almost immediate gratification for your subscriber. Think of it as something they can implement immediately to experience results or find its value. While a 170-page ebook to completely change a person's life is great, contents of that size and scope should be made into paid products. You want your free downloads to be quick, simple actions or tools. Don't confuse simplicity with less value.

2. It should look good. Check out the lead magnets or downloads of other people in your industry and make sure yours is similar quality. If you're on a tight budget (ie free tools only please), use Canva to find a good template and customize it to fit your brand. If you want your lead magnet to look very professional and you have a bit of money to spend, consider hiring a designer to get it done just right.

3. Consider whether or not your lead magnet will be printed by your subscriber. If your lead magnet might be printed by someone, be sure to use colors that will stand out on the paper when printed, but also don't fill the whole page with large blocks of color that will use a lot of ink. If your lead magnet has multiple pages, consider a vibrant cover page but a simpler design for the inside content. This allows your subscriber to skip printing the first page but still print all the useful content inside.

4. Create the right files. Make sure that no matter what you use to design your lead magnet that you export it as a PDF. You don't want to send your subscriber an editable Word or Google doc.

Bonus Tip: Consider creating multiple sizes of promo images for your lead magnet that you can use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and on your website.

Create Your Sign Up Form

There are two options for offering your lead magnet on your Squarespace site.

Option 1: Create a page on your website and embed a ConvertKit form.

Option 2: Create a ConvertKit Landing Page and link to it on your website.

ConvertKit Form

Create a new form on ConvertKit and customize it to match your brand or the lead magnet you are offering. You can deliver your lead magnet in the "Incentive Email" section of the form or (my recommendation) deliver it through a sequence that you set to send immediately after the subscriber confirms their email.

When your form is customized the way you want it to appear on your website, click "Embed" and copy the html code.

Now, create a new page on your website with enticing images and copy that will communicate to your website visitor that they must grab your free download. Add a code block to the page and paste in the html code from your ConvertKit form.

Important: If you update or edit your form in the future, be sure to re-copy and paste the html code onto your webpage. It will not update automatically when you make edits.

ConvertKit Landing Page

Instead of creating a ConvertKit Form, you may want to create a Landing Page. This is a sign up form that will be hosted by ConvertKit and you'll share the link to this page to direct your readers to your lead magnet sign up.

There are several templates to choose from and you can further customize each one with your brand colors and relevant images.

When your landing page is complete, click "Share" to copy the page's unique url. You can connect this url to buttons or images on your website, to a Promotional Pop-Up or Announcement Bar, or on social media--basically, anywhere you want to share it!

Creating an Automation and Sequence

One of my favorite features of ConvertKit is Automations. This allows you to connect your sign up form to a series of actions. I use this feature to send a sequence to automatically deliver my lead magnet and check in with my new subscriber a few days later.

After a new subscriber joins your list, it’s important to engage with them so they know who you are and what you are about (aka how you can help them.) After your lead magnet sequence is delivered, you can send an Onboarding Sequence. The purpose of this sequence is to familiarize them with you and your work so they are more likely to stick around. It isn’t enough to get someone to sign up for your list, you need them to know, like, and trust you so they stick around for the long haul.

If you’re looking to optimize your email marketing strategy, I recommend taking advantage of these features and strategies. To make it simple for you, I’m sharing an example of my own lead magnet automation which you can use too!

Click here to grab my exact ConvertKit Automation to use for your own lead magnet.

Plus, you can follow this ConvertKit training video for some extra support…

Setting up your lead magnet with a ConvertKit Automations will help you deliver your download on autopilot so you can spend more time creating engaging content and directing your community to download your resource.

If you got this far, you’re well on your way to growing your email list and attracting the right subscribers to your community so you can make a greater impact on the world and grow your business in the process.

Want a printable checklist that will walk you through this whole process as you do it? Download my free guide below.


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