The Simple Squarespace Design Hack To Save You Tons of Time

One of the main reasons I love Squarespace is that it looks so great right out of the box. There isn't a bad template, so whichever one you choose to get started is going to make you look like a pro. But when it comes to making sure your design aligns with your brand, you want to take the time to make changes to your template so that it all looks clean and congruent.

There are so many great features and different content blocks to use in Squarespace, so it can be a bit tricky to make sure everything is styled exactly how you want it. Typically, you can get most of your design and branding elements into Squarespace without much fuss. But, if you're anything like me, you've gone to create a new page with a content block you've never used and realized "Ugh! That doesn't match my branding!"

The problem is that the Style Editor (in your Design settings) will only show you the options for whichever elements are on the current page you are editing. For example, your homepage or your blog. So when you go to create a new page with a fancy new image block that you've never used, it still has the default template styling instead of your brand styling.

It can be frustrating when you are trying to quickly create a new page on your website only to have to go back into the Style Editor to adjust all the colors and fonts before you make the page public.

Not to worry! I'm here to help.

squarespace design hack tip to save time

Use this simple design hack:

Step One: Create a new blank page. 

In your "Not Linked" section, create a new page. Name it something like "Style Settings" and then click "Start Editing."

Step Two: Fill your page with different types of blocks with different designs.

Click on your blank page and add each of these as blocks:

  • Text (normal, heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, quote)

  • Quote

  • Buttons (designs: small, medium, large)

  • Form

  • Newsletter

Add these image layouts (do one for each as they have separate settings), and add an image link button to each block also:

  • Poster

  • Card

  • Overlap

  • Collage

  • Stack

Step Three: Make this page private.

After you've added your blocks, save your page. Then go into your settings for that page to uncheck the "enabled" circle. Click save. This will make it "disabled" and will not show up to the public.

Step Four: Go into style editor.

Go back to your "Home" dashboard and click "Design." Then, "Style Editor." Now go through the list of settings to adjust all the fonts, colors, and styles you want. You can also click on individual elements on your page and it will show you exactly which styling options are available. Work through all of the blocks until it all matches.

Step Five: Review & save.

When you're happy with all your styled elements, click save. Now, whenever you add one of those blocks to a page in the future, it will already be styled the way you want it.

Need help? Click here to see my own style settings page.

A quick note...

You will still need to use the Style Editor when you are designing your main website (likely your home page) and also your blog page (if you have one.) These pages require additional elements like your heading, navigation, and how your blog list is displayed. Likely, these are the areas you would cover on your own when creating your DIY website. It's the block styling that can sometimes be tricky for Squarespace newbies.

I hope you'll use this design hack to save you time and get you a beautiful, stress-free Squarespace website launched in no time!