Why I Ditched Wordpress for Squarespace

I wanted to love Wordpress. Really, I did. I felt like that's where all the "grown up" entrepreneurs do business and if I didn't use Wordpress I'd be forever stuck at the kiddie table.

I tried really hard, but Wordpress couldn't stack up to Squarespace. After over a year of trying hard to get my Wordpress site to look half as good as my earlier Squarespace site and coming up against a dozen tech issues, I finally gave up.

I ditched Wordpress, rejoined Squarespace, and have committed myself till death do us part.

So, why did I ditch Wordpress? Here's 3 reasons:

squarespace better than wordpress

Wordpress wasn't pretty enough

I knew that when I moved to Wordpress I would need to purchase a good template. Moving to Wordpress made me feel like I was finally "going pro" and I wanted to make sure my website looked the part.

I purchased a professional template that was used and made by a successful online entrepreneur. I loved the way his website looked and I was excited to add my branding and get a professional looking website.

I'm not a coder or developer and at the time I had a lot less experience with website design, however, I certainly wasn't technically challenged. I should have been able to make my website amazing, but I never did.

It looked fine, it worked well enough, but compared to what I was used to on Squarespace, everything about it just fell flat.

Wordpress was too much work

I had no idea that running your own website was so much work! One thing I am grateful for in my time with Wordpress is that all the tech issues I ran into gave me a broad education on website set up and development.

But ultimately, I wanted to blog, create courses, and do all the creative work I love. I didn't want to spend hours figuring out how to set up my SSL certificate on my subdomain so I could set up my Stripe payments.

At one point, I cried because I was trying to launch my course and everything kept going wrong. I was on a support chat with Bluehost for 2 hours when the support person finally ended our chat without fixing my problem. In fact, he made it worse. I had to spend several more hours going deep into the back end of my site to restore the settings that he screwed up.

Not everything went wrong like that, but I had more complications in my time with Wordpress than I have in double the time with Squarespace. Plus, Squarespace support is great.

Wordpress needed too much babysitting

Between dealing with spam comments, site updates, and other random bugs and fixes, I felt like I had to really stay on top of what was happening with my website.

Instead of staying focused on content creation, I was regularly pulled away to deal with the tech stuff. Some people may not mind that, but I think for a lot of creators like me, we just want our sites to work on their own so we can do the real work we love.

That's why I'm so glad to be back on Squarespace. My website is never down and I don't have to worry about updates or faulty plugins. Everything just works like it should the majority of the time so my focus is back on what I love to do.


What could you do with the extra time in your week if you're not dealing with website issues?