Why Squarespace is Great for Writers

When I first started blogging, I used blogger. It was super simple to get started, was free to use, and I was able to write and publish my first blog post as soon as I joined.

The design was terrible, but its simplicity was great for getting words published quickly and easily. That's why, years later, I'm a huge fan of Squarespace.

Squarespace makes it simple to share your words with the world, yet has a beautiful design and amazing functionality.

Blogger makes it easy to publish your words, but lacks in design and functionality. Wordpress (which I did try out for a while and didn't love) has unlimited functionality and design potential but is not so simple for the average user.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Squarespace if you're a writer:

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1. You can get started quickly

It can take some time to choose your template and get the design just how you like it, but even while you're working on your site, you can connect your domain name and start publishing posts on your blog. Right out of the box, Squarespace looks beautiful and professional.

(If you work with Typewriter Designs, your whole site is ready to go in 2 weeks.)

2. Publishing blog posts is a breeze

I love Squarespace's blog builder. You can simply type your words onto the page and leave it like that or you can use the easy "blocks" to add features like images, lines, subscriber forms, or anything else.

Everything from adding categories & tags to scheduling your post is simple. You can also easily add an excerpt and a thumbnail image to make your post preview look great in your blog list. And again, everything in Squarespace looks great even with little design knowledge.

3. You can easily grow your email list with subscriber forms

Squarespace's built in subscriber forms and integration with MailChimp make it easy for beginner bloggers or "tech challenged" season writers grow their email lists. Growing your email list is the #1 priority for marketing your products or books so it's something you should start as soon as possible.

If you use a different mail service than MailChimp, you can still embed your preferred subscriber form. If you're not sure how, contact me.

4. You can sell your products

Squarespace has great eCommerce functionality with an upgrade to your account. So whenever you're ready to go from amateur to professional, Squarespace can grow with you. There's no need to pay for additional services or sell your products on a separate website. Everything is built in, right in your home base. 

5. You can put your book front and center

With Squarespace's drag and drop design, it makes it easy to move around your pages and content. So when your book is ready for presales, you can easily put it front and center to catch the attention of your website visitors.

There are several ways to do this in Squarespace:

  • Announcement bar at the top of your website

  • A promotional pop-up

  • A full page cover/landing page to display to your visitors before they enter your full site

The important part is serving your readers by giving them exactly what they need when they get to your website.


So whether you're a brand new blogger who's just interested in sharing her ideas or if you're a seasoned writer with several published books under her belt, Squarespace has the design and functionality you need to share your message with the world without stressing you out.

Need someone to walk you through the process of designing your Squarespace site? Contact us today.