Carrie Beth Davis

Carrie Beth Davis is as sweet and wonderful as her southern accent. It was an absolute pleasure to create a custom designed Squarespace website and a fresh, new brand and logo to help her reach more readers and share more of her encouraging words.

Carrie Beth believes that God invites us daily--minute by minute--to slow down, to pay attention, to notice. She encourages us to open our eyes to look for the holy in our ordinary, everyday moments... because holy is here, wherever your here is.

When we talked about her vision for this project, she knew she wanted bright colors, especially coral, as well as matte golds. When she took a look at the items around her, she realized she always gravitates towards bright, vibrant florals. So I got to work creating a brand and logo that brought all of those elements together in a fun, yet cohesive, way.

For functionality, we wanted to keep it simple. As a writer, she wanted a central location where she could direct her loyal readers to read her blog, follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her monthly newsletter. She also wanted the ability to create a library of resources where she could provide her readers with more tools for wisdom, prayer, and reflection.

With Squarespace, it was simple to pull it all together with blog summaries, a visual Instagram feed, and stand-out images to direct people to download her latest resource. And with a complete branding guide and complementary design and typography elements at her disposal, she'll be able to continue adding to her content on her own.

Squarespace makes it simple for bloggers, writers, and authors to share their writing online without spending all their time troubleshooting the tech side of owning their own website.

Want to see Carrie Beth Davis' website in action?

You should also follow her on Instagram @carriebethdavis