Krahn Plumbing & Heating

squarespace website design

I'm thrilled with the new Squarespace website design for Krahn Plumbing & Heating. Their old Wordpress website was outdated in design and content, so it meant I could start from scratch with something brand new and reflective of their company's history.

More trades companies are utilizing their web presence to expand their business so it's crucial for a company's success to have a website design that attracts their ideal customers and reflects their services and values.





Old + New

I took the blue and green colors from their company logo and used them as feature colors instead of the main design colors. Instead, I focused on the dark slate gray.  I filtered all of their banner images with this color to add a vintage vibe to the design.

With my choice of colors and images, I was able to create a modern, updated design with an "old company" feel. I'm especially thrilled with how this turned out with the main page banner design.

Simple Design

With only a few pages of content needed, I made use of Squarespace's index page to create a visually appealing scrolling home page with large banner images and parallax scrolling. The main page includes an brief "about" section with 2 client testimonials and links to a longer "about" page with the company history and features more testimonials.

Since the company is known for it's amazing customer service, I wanted to feature client testimonials prominently on both the home page and the about page.

Squarespace Features

The main goal of the website was to direct visitors to contact the business via phone, email or the contact form. I used a few different Squarespace features to make this happen:

  1. I linked the phone number in the main navigation; this is a simple click-to-call button

  2. I placed a contact form on their contact page as well as listed the company contact information

  3. I used the "Mobile Information Bar" which prompts visitors on mobile devices to click to email or call directly from their device.

Plus, with the Squarespace platform, content can be easily edited and revised by the clients whenever they need. Their website can stay up-to-date and attract new clients with better built-in SEO.

This full redesign using Squarespace allowed me to use the best of modern website features with classic, vintage images and colours to create the perfect mix of old company with new business.

Want to see the Krahn Plumbing & Heating site live in action?

squarespace website design