Miranda Dauphinee


Here's the newly launched Squarespace website for Miranda Dauphinee! Miranda needed a website that could incorporate all areas of her business portfolio in a way that was beautiful and functional, and it needed to be simple for her to maintain and update as she launched new offerings.

Miranda is a writer, essential oils expert, and health advocate--among other things. She is the co-founder of a beautiful women’s community called Nourish. She created Nourish to be a safe place for women to tell their stories. Over the last 3 years she's hosted 2 successful conferences, many dinner groups, workshops and events.

She is also a certified holistic health coach and loves helping women realize their worth and prioritize their health. Her passion for healthy living came after her second son was born. Through a series of events, she stumbled across information that opened her eyes to just how much eating processed foods was damaging her body and self esteem. She discovered how to make simple adjustments that put her entire family on a better path to wellness, and she can help you do it too!

When Miranda came to me, she had 2 separate websites on 2 different platforms. While both were well done, they weren't serving her well. She needed a place where her readers and future clients could find out more about her and her programs in one easy-to-navigate site.

With the use of pastel watercolors, I was able to create a pretty, peaceful design that would allow her website visitors to feel relaxed--and want to stay awhile. With multiple places to sign up for her email list and a call-out in the footer to book a free 20 minute consultation, the website was designed for visitors to take action.

Miranda's website is my first custom-designed site that utilizes Squarespace's e-commerce functionality. Squarespace makes it simple to sell digital products (like Miranda's 10-Day Sugar Detox) and services (like her Health Coaching for Moms). However Miranda wants to increase her offerings, Squarespace can keep up with it all!

Want to see Miranda Dauphinee's website in action?

You should also follow her on Instagram @miranda.dauphinee. She has a beautiful feed, which we featured on her website by placing it in her pre-footer to be visible on every page.

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