recommended resources

for branding & design

Canva - Free, web-based design software & App

This is what I use to design all my website & social media graphics.

Unsplash - Free Photo Downloads

Beautiful, royalty-free photos you can use for anything you’d like and aren’t required to give credit (although that’s the nice thing to do when you can!)

Ivory Mix* - Stock Photo Membership

A huge library of stock photos. The membership includes unlimited downloads & is well worth the price.

Coolors - Color Palette Generator

My favorite way to generate new color palettes that are easy to save and share.

for running an online business

Square* - Payment Processing

Square is my preferred way to get paid online because it’s simple for my clients to pay their invoices and I get my money deposited into my account faster than other payment processors.

for marketing

ConvertKit* - Email Marketing for Creators

ConvertKit is my favourite choice for offering valuable lead magnets to subscribers and keeping in touch with them with impromptu or automated emails. It’s built for writers and creators just like me and you.

G Suite* - Professional Email for Business

You want to send emails from a professional-looking email address, plus maintain your privacy, right? Use G Suite to set up a business email address with your domain name. It will also help your email delivery rates when used with ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or your preferred email marketing program.

For 20% off your first year, use promo code:

  • 34QQPNMEFG4QKEC for a Basic Plan (recommended for most users)

  • 34YLQWELKU9APPX for a Business Plan

Tailwind* - Social Media scheduling for Pinterest & Instagram

This is my favorite choice for maximizing my efforts on social media.

Recurpost - Social Media Scheduler

This is a free social media scheduler that I use to schedule recurring posts for Facebook. This automatically cycles through my blog posts for me so I don’t need to constantly reschedule them.


for writers + authors

Author School* - Pen to Published Course

from Rachelle Gardner, literary agent

Author School gives you the support, information, and inspiration you need to navigate the world of writing - from pen to published! Enrollment opens a couple times a year.

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to publish a book now or in the future.

Top 20 Questions Writers Ask - Answered - from*

Are you a writer but aren't sure where to start? Start here.

After three years of helping writers pivot from writing their words in secret to sharing their words with readers, there's at least one thing we've learned  for sure: we all have the same questions.

We've compiled a list of the questions we hear writers ask most often and how our weekly expert guests answer them.



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