Custom Branded Email Template for ConvertKit

Custom Branded Email Template for ConvertKit

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Your email newsletter is brilliant, I know. Your words wow your subscribers. But what if you could make your email LOOK just as good?

Now you can.

Purchase this DONE-FOR-YOU service and I'll do the whole thing for you. Beautiful email template + no stress = win-win.

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Most people I know who use ConvertKit love it--but if there's one complaint, it's that those plain text emails can seem like a bummer if you're used to beautifully branded emails with images and pretty headers.

Here's the thing: ConvertKit is doing it right.

Their strength is in sending emails that are deliverable. What does that mean? Well, it means that those email you're sending your email list are more likely to land in inboxes than if you used a different email service provider.

One of the reasons for this is because plain text emails don't flag as spam the moment they are sent. They are more likely to make it through the filters of all those email services and land in the inboxes of people who signed up for your email.

Emails with lots of images, fancy animations, and all the other things that are coded in the background causes email services to flag it as spam. So, the simpler the email, the better.

But, there's another side to the story: branded emails with images and colors that remind people of YOU is good for building trust and recognition with your subscribers. So the trick is to create emails that utilize branding elements while not over-complicating the design with too much custom coding.

I've tried this method for myself and have found great success in maintaining my email open rates and improving subscriber interaction.

I want to help you do the same!

DIY Branded Email Templates

My DIY Email Templates are a great option for creating uniquely branded emails for your subscribers without sacrificing email delivery. With this template, I'll walk you through how to copy + paste the code into ConvertKit and make your own custom adjustments.

Your emails can go from meh to WOW! Take a look 👇

convertkit email modern template before
convertkit email custom template fun

How It Works

Step 1: Follow step-by-step instructions to add me to your ConvertKit account.

Step 2: Answer some questions about your design + branding preferences.

Step 3: Give yourself a pat on the back for delegating the job to a professional! 👏

Step 4: Send a gorgeous email to your subscribers.

💻Tech-Savvy Scale = Everyone!

On a scale of 1 - 5 where 1 is “Technology gives me hives” 😨 and 5 is “I can confidently figure out technology with Google & YouTube” 😎 this product is meant for those in the 1-3 range OR those in the 4-5 range who simply don’t want to do it themselves.

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