Disclaimer Template

Disclaimer Template

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Designing your own Squarespace website? Grab this Disclaimer Template to get you up and running quickly while fulfilling the requirements necessary for running an online business.

Why do you need an official Disclaimer?

Just like a website’s Terms of Use help protect you from potential legal issues, so does your Disclaimer. You want to protect yourself from any potential issues that could arise from the content you share—particularly if you are in the health or wellness field. However, unlike the Terms of Use, parts of your Disclaimer are legally mandated.

An “Affiliate Disclaimer” (or Affiliate Link Disclosure) is FTC mandated. This means that if you use affiliate links anywhere on your website, this information must be disclosed. Please also note that Amazon requires its own specific disclosure statement. If you use Amazon affiliate links, the required statement is provided in this template.

This Disclaimer template is meant for website owners and bloggers who don’t require the legal advice of an attorney.

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