Terms of Use Template

Terms of Use Template

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Designing your own Squarespace website? Grab this Terms of Use Template to get you up and running quickly while fulfilling the requirements necessary for running an online business.

Why do you need a Terms of Use page?

Well, simply put, you don’t. A website is not required to have a Terms of Use (or Terms & Conditions) page, but it is the wise thing to do. It helps cover your butt.

Having these terms on your website helps limit your liability should a customer or website user decide to take you to court and it helps protect your rights to the content on your website.

It’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, that—hopefully—you’ll never need to rely on to protect yourself or your business, but it’s better to have it than not.

This Terms of Use template is meant for website owners and bloggers who don’t require the legal advice of an attorney.

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