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meet taryn nergaard creative director

Taryn Nergaard - founder + creative director

Taryn is a blogger and aspiring author who spent much of the last decade learning design and technology in order to grow her online presence. She deeply understands the unique needs of writers and creators who want to make a living doing what they love, without spending all their time trying to figure out web & graphic design, SEO, and email lists. She is passionate about using her Google education to help creators share their work and their message with the world. Taryn is a work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 4 who writes at www.tarynnergaard.com and on Instagram @tarynnergaard.

Taryn is excited to help you with Squarespace website design, logo + branding design, graphic design, and ConvertKit set up + optimization.

meet jennie scott editor book proposal consultant

Jennie G. Scott - Editor Extraordinaire

Jennie is a former high school English teacher who now uses her love of words to share the hope of the Kingdom, and she is passionate about using her training to help other writers and creators develop clarity in their work. If the mission is to share the truth, she desires to remove any obstacles -- even misplaced commas! A writer, speaker, and runner, she is a self-described deep thinker who can spend way more time than she should choosing the just-right word. She is a mom of two who has journeyed through single parenthood into marriage with the most patient man on the planet. She writes online at ww.jenniegscott.com and encourages women to be OK with being themselves on her weekly Podcast, In This Skin.

Jennie is excited to help you edit #allthethings and guide you through the process of creating a book proposal that will attract the right agents + publishers.


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